Facial and Body Cream,One effective method is to use a depilatory body cream. Again while it isn't permanent it has the advantage of not being painful, and is relatively cheap in comparison to the more drastic measures mentioned above. Thermicon Technology,There is a new way to remove unwanted hair for both men and women called thermicon technology. This method uses a low pulsing laser that attacks the melanin in the hair. While it is fast and effective it has the disadvantage that it is even more expensive than electrolysis on a per session basis and it is generally only effective on people with fair skin and dark hair. People with darker skin will be left with light patches.Of course there are many other methods that are less painful, and less costly, although they are not permanent. However the right method can prevent hair growth for weeks or even months. This is a device that sends a bit of heat down to the hair follicle that retards hair growth and will eventually kill the root. While this method is not permanent it is long lasting and can keep you from having to shave for many weeks. Also if you consider that this process can be done at home, and is much cheaper than either electrolysis or lasers you'll see why you might want to consider it as an alternative. 激光脫毛 脫毛 永久脫毛 Electrolysis,Electrolysis uses a device that delivers an electric current to the root of the hair, which kills the root and makes the hair come out. After several treatments it will eventually prevent the hair from growing back. There are a couple of drawbacks to this method. The first is that it is expensive. Expect to pay $25 for a 15 minute session, or $100 an hour. The second thing is that it is painful and can be very time consuming as each individual hair is treated one by one.Lasers,The second permanent method is laser hair removal.